About Us

Are you looking for an asphalt contractor that can provide asphalt repair and seal coating services that you can rely on? B & R Asphalt, here in Abilene, Texas, has your back! As one of the leading asphalt contractors throughout Abilene, B & R Asphalt provides high-quality services that all our clients love! We pride ourselves on our professionalism, quality of service, and affordability and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the dedication you are looking for. We are known by our clients as being one of the best asphalt paving companies around. Our affordability and dedication to providing high-quality service will make our professional team here at B & R Asphalt the easy, number one choice for all your asphalt needs! Whether there is a cracks and erosion in your pavement or driveway, or you are looking to have an entire section removed and repaved, we can help you here at B & R Asphalt!

If you are looking to replace your driveway due to damage, our asphalt repairs are done with care and consideration to ensure you attain the best results. Additionally, our seal coating services will provide a finish to your driveway or pavement to protect the asphalt from future damage.

So if you are in need of asphalt repair and seal coating, give us a call today.

So if you are around Abilene, and in need of asphalt repair and seal coating, give us a call today.